Today, 3D printing has become very closely integrated into our daily lives, and everything that is possible is already printed on a 3D printer: cars, houses, spare parts, mechanisms, etc. Naturally, I was wondering if it was possible to print a musical instrument on a 3D printer? And yes, you can. I even printed one of them myself. It’s true, considering that I’m not a musician and can only play with my nerves, I can’t check how good it sounds. But I show you below. This is one of the oldest musical instruments, called “ocarina”

Wikipedia article:

Ocarina (Italian ocarina – caterpillar), whistle – a wind musical instrument, a kind of flute in the form of a whistle glass. There are clay, porcelain and wooden ocarinas. The name “ocarina” applies both to the entire family of whistle flutes and to a specific variety invented in Italy by Giuseppe Donati.[en] in 1860 and used in classical music; it is also called the “classical ocarina”. Folk ocarinas are used all over the world: in Latin America, China, Africa, Eastern Europe, and elsewhere. In many cultures, the whistle is considered a children’s toy, in Europe it became widespread as such in the mid-19th century.

Probably, every person who has bought his first 3D printer immediately begins to think “what else to print?” and here the thingiverse 3D model catalog comes to the rescue. This is the largest catalog of models and sometimes there are really interesting things. So, having ordered a new plastic for myself, I decided to check it out not on some useless reference ship, but on printing something a bit more useful. And leafing through the catalog of the most popular models, the ocarina model caught my attention. Well, I printed it. It took about three hours to print. Printed with Petg plastic at 70mm/s with a 0.2mm layer. This is what happened:

Yes, it looks more like a model submarine than a musical instrument. But it can be played. Of course, if you have the ability. The most I can do is move my fingers to make the sound different, but blow harder. Here is a link to see how to play. For some reason, the site editor does not allow you to add a short YouTube video in the form of a player.

The tool is, of course, a toy. And immediately he was selected by the children, who for several hours took turns whistling and trying to represent at least something resembling a melody. But then I thought, what musical instruments can I print more? Let’s go back to thingiverse and take a look. At the request of “musical instrument” give us a lot of models. Mostly wind. There are flutes and flutes and various pipes with whistles.

But if you search well, then there are more interesting options. For example, a string instrument called ARK:

It’s something between a guitar and a harp. It looks good, but it honestly sounds so-so.

But, for example, a soprano ukulele printed on a 3D printer already looks good and plays quite well on its own (well for a ukulele it is normal, although many people do not like its sound at all)

And there is another option called Makerlele. This is also a ukulele, but with an open body.

As for the sound, of course, it is similar to a ukulele, but I personally found it louder and closer to the sound of a balalaika. But overall, it’s also quite an interesting tool.

And some even manage to make a trombone out of PVC pipes and parts printed on a 3D printer:

True, after seeing an example of how this tool works, I was convinced that it sounds as bad as it looks.

But there are artisans who are already doing more serious projects. For example, an electric cello:

She already looks beautiful and plays well. And then there are the 3D printed electric guitars that look really cool. For example, the Black Widow project:

Or here is another 3D printed case for a Strat:

I also think it looks great.


If you have a 3D printer and you are constantly tormented by questions”What can you print? Show them these pictures and proudly reply: “I can print all this and more.” And there will be fewer questions. Or more. But I have a personal request. Do not print the trumpet of plumbing pipes. He is horrible.

Well, I’ll go grab the children’s ocarina and try to find instructions on YouTube on how to play the imperial march on it. While my 3D printer prints the following parts on request. True, to my chagrin, these are not musical instruments, but ordinary car interior parts. By the way, here I recently talked about my Kywoo3D Tycoon Max 3D printer. I also advise you to look, you may want to buy the same.

And yes, all the models in the photos above are easy to search as “guitar” or “musical instrument” on if you ever want to see them play or download the model.

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