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IKEA launches a table in Europe that charges your mobile phone by simply leaving it upstairs


If you want to furnish your home, you must have given IKEA a chance, a store that offers hundreds and hundreds of ways to make our home unique, and from time to time they also sign a number of specific agreements to bring goods to market. market with a certain technological touch that turns our concept on its head.

And one of the products that we can find in IKEA Spain is Wi-Fi speaker SYMFONISK which can be used as a shelf or bedside table and now it has a new accessory that we can screw into its bottom to create another small shelf, but one that can charge our mobile phone.

And this new SYMFONISK shelf speaker accessory is now available in Europe. which basically acts as a bedside table and a wireless charger.

Near a piece of furniture that comes with a wireless charging pad for Qi-enabled devices and also features an 18W USB Type-C charging port. so you can charge other devices at the same time.

This new shelf is currently available in select markets such as the UK, Australia and France and is expected to be available in Spain as well.

If your device is compatible with Qi technology, you can charge your mobile phone and even smart watch on this nightstand, which you can put next to your bed if you wish. It also has an LED notification to let you know if the device is charging or not.

In particular, this shelf is wide enough to accommodate various items on its surface, so we can put not only the corresponding smart watch or mobile phone, but also any item, such as a glass of water.

This accessory has an approximate market price of 40 euros and can be found in black and white.

Source: Computer Hoy

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