From July 4 to 15, the Roidmi summer sale runs and you can get a discount of 3090 rubles on Ozon. The popular Roidmi Eve Plus vacuum cleaner, which cost 32,990 rubles, is now available for only 29,900 rubles.

First of all, you don’t need to clean the dust container as often as a conventional vacuum cleaner. After the cleaning cycle, it automatically returns to the multi-functional dust collection station with LED display, which empties the dust collector and transfers it to the large-capacity dust bag inside the station. The dust collection station has a built-in “odor removal ion generator”, which is an ideal solution to the problem that the garbage starts to smell bad when the dust bag is not emptied for a long time. Throughout the process of dust collection and sterilization, the LED display of the dust collection station will intelligently display the progress of the process so that you can easily monitor it.

It is also worth noting that the 3L large capacity dust bag can store garbage for up to 60 days without any problems and can be disposed of as soon as it is used.

Roidmi Eve Plus has a built-in Russian voice pack, so even children can easily talk to it and give instructions on how to clean it, and it can check the dust collection station, the status of the dumpster, the working hours. and real-time energy consumption through the app, saving you time and effort.

You can sweep, mop, or sweep and mop at the same time with a damp cloth. With features like LDS laser navigation technology, 2700Pa suction power, and a V-shaped main brush that doesn’t tangle, you get a completely clean room.

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