What harms a smartphone battery and how to extend its life? Everything was easier 7-10 years ago. Back then, most smartphones had removable batteries. You throw this one in your pocket instead of a power bank (there were hardly any) and you can easily swap it out when needed. The question of how to replace the battery in the smartphone yourself was not at all, it was enough to remove the back cover.

With push-button mobiles, by the way, now things are the same. Why do smartphones now have non-removable batteries? The reason is obvious to me. For the buyer to buy a new phone when it stops charging And here you should pay attention to how to extend the battery life of the smartphone.


  • 1. Not fully downloading
  • 2. Do not abuse high charging currents.
  • 3. Don’t charge a frozen battery
  • 4. Do not overheat the battery
  • 5. Don’t use cheap chargers

1. Not fully downloading

And yes systematically Drain your smartphone battery to 0% until it turns off? Nothing good.

I repeat, this is not about rare one-time forced cases, but about its constant download until it is turned off. Yes, some smartphone controllers turn it off when relatively harmless voltage (conditionally 3.3v), but everything has a limit.

Separately, it is worth noting the damage caused by the battery being stored in a deeply discharged form.

Here is an example. A couple of years ago, you coveted a new smartphone. The old man was put in a box, he will suddenly come in handy. And now, after a couple of years, the need arose, you take it out, charge it … and find that the smartphone has no charge at all. It is not surprising. For some time, the inevitable self-discharge brought the battery to an indecently low limit, where it was stored. This ghoul, dried by hundreds of ice in an oak deck, is enough to splash blood into the throat to make it smooth and agile. On a smartphone battery, that number won’t work.

Take 20% as a conditional threshold and don’t drain your smartphone battery below it. Many models start signaling a discharge just below this level.

If you leave your old smartphone in storage, recharge it periodically.

Finally. Most often, smartphones in the hands of children, who simply flirt until they are completely turned off, suffer from a deep discharge. Teach your kids to keep an eye on their charge levels. Did you get to 20%? The smartphone is charging and the eyes are resting. This is a good way to save children’s eyesight and smartphone battery life. And in general, it will instill in children a sense of care for their property.

2. Do not abuse high charging currents.

The specifications of the same lithium-ion batteries directly limit the comfortable charging current to 0.5C, that is, half the capacity. Those. A 5 amp-hour battery should be charged with a current of 2.5 A. It is clear that smartphone batteries are usually made of lithium polymer, but the general essence remains the same.

40-50-60 watts will allow you to charge your smartphone very quickly. But the more you boil the battery (and it will boil), the less it will serve you. The fastest charging in a modern smartphone now supports 120 watts of power. It will be convenient for someone to cool the battery with such currents and charge it up to 80% in 15 minutes. But I’m sure most would prefer the battery to last longer.

Here the solution is simple: it will be limited to 2-3 amps of load. Which smartphone charger to choose in this case? Surely you have some kind of old block for comfortable 2-3A batteries – use it. Modern multiport chargers like this one asometech will help too. If you need to charge your smartphone quickly use a powerful connector, if you are not in a hurry use some kind of basic one, there is usually a ceiling of 18 watts, which is enough for you.

However, this is a matter of personal choice. Someone will prefer to change the battery in the service after a year, but to be able to charge the smartphone as quickly as possible. Modern powerful GaN chargers will help here, for example Ugreen 100w.

3. Don’t charge a frozen battery

Most likely, you will not find a situation where you have to charge a frozen battery in the cold. But anything happens.

For example, you went to nature in winter (hunting, fishing, skiing). And the battery of the smartphone has been discharged, you cling to the power bank and put this couple aside. In vain. For a frozen battery, such charging will put a great deal of stress and shorten its lifespan.

Just put your smartphone in the inner pocket for 5-10 minutes, the battery will get hot. Then upload it. Powerbank, by the way, keep it there. A frozen battery puts out as much current as it takes in. Here, by the way, the ideal option would be to have a USB heated vest. Personally, my back gets hot here. East vest, highly recommended

4. Do not overheat the battery

Do you want your battery replaced sooner? Leave your smartphone in the sun so that after 10-15 minutes it will heat up to 60-70 degrees. In part this echoes point 2 of the manual, high charging currents also heat up the smartphone battery quite well.

Here is a live example. The other day, my wife was driving out into the country, her smartphone lying between the front seats, in the sun. At some point, an overheating message popped up and it shut down. So if a nice breeze blows from the air conditioning on the road, this does not mean that the smartphone in the console between the seats is also good. Maybe the sun is shining on it all the time and it’s already over 50 degrees.

5. Don’t use cheap chargers

The latest recommendation in the reinsurance category. Experience shows that it is quite possible to use cheap chargers with aliexpress. That’s just one thing when charging on a single port with the same 2A. something else is when it is like that smartphone killer, with hellish heat, stinky plastic and hissing chokes.

Agree, it would be a shame to lose an expensive smartphone due to the decision to save a couple of dollars and choose a cheap and powerful charger for your smartphone on aliexpress. She will not be powerful. She will not be good. It will not be useful for your smartphone battery.

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