Thanks to the Food and Drug Administration, the Fitbit is ready to offer a really important feature for its devices. We are talking specifically about background heart rate tracking, which is especially important for all users who wear one of the Fitbit devices, given the possibilities offered by this novelty.

Whether you are sleeping or the device During the day, cardiac tracking of this type makes it possible to detect atrial fibrillation (which increases the risk of stroke), as well as heart rhythms that are jumped compared to what should be happening.

The official blog of Google, which now owns the brand of Fitbittalked about the algorithm that makes it possible to detect any problems thanks to the long-term measurement, and which also has the possibility to provide specific notifications (at the user’s discretion, of course) in case something goes wrong.

As also explained by the company 35 million of people around the world are dealing with atrial fibrillation, and so it is possible that the mechanism has a way of helping many people recognize the problem in the event that they are affected, although everything will arrive at the I start only in the United States.

Source: Lega Nerd

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