Some units of the Nothing Phone (1) are affected by a serious problem that jeopardizes their use. The screen of the smartphone would be partially vegetable. We don’t know exactly how serious the problem is. It is not clear whether this is a widespread problem or just a small part of the units on the market.

Considering that the Nothing Phone (1) was presented only a week ago and the testimonials from the first disappointed customers are already considerable, you would think that this is not a marginal problem.

Several users shared their testimonial on Twitter. There are people who said they noticed gods dead pixel – pixels burned – already a few hours after the first start of the smartphone, and which in fact talks about the most common problem of the upper part of the screen that tends to turn greenish, with a very annoying effect.

Nothing has not yet officially commented on the controversy and it is not clear what to do to the many users who have stumbled upon the issue. If it’s a software issue, waiting for a patch might be enough, while if it’s a hardware issue, there’s little you can do – send the phone in for help and hope for the best. In the absence of an official announcement from Nothing, users are currently left to their own devices.

Source: Lega Nerd

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