Thor: Love and Thunder this is a psychedelic tour of jokes, unexpected scenes and even tears. Taika Waititi’s latest film from the Marvel Factory surprises with its strange plasticity. This is a superhero movie that simultaneously includes a love story and farewell to a beloved character. But in addition, to the surprise of a large part of the public, this is also the return of another very beloved person.

It’s about Idris Elba’s Heimdall making the surprising claim that the franchise has been keeping a secret throughout the film’s promotion. The beloved guardian of ancient Asgard had a brief cameo in the film that thrilled and intrigued in equal measure. As part of the second scene after the credits Thor: Love and Thunder, the character is responsible for greeting the recently deceased Jane Foster.. “Welcome to Valhalla,” he says softly. His appearance is much more informal than the public might remember, which is surprising and touching.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

From his famous golden armor, now he wears plain black and gray clothes. In addition, he wears long dark dreadlocks that frame a serene face. The apparition, which demonstrates the consequences of Jane Foster’s transformation into the Mighty Thor, is also symbolic.

Thor: Love and Thunder This is one of the Marvel movies with the greatest sense of mythology. From the appearance of the goats Tanngnjostra and Tanngrisnir, Bifrost in all its splendor, to a sense of Nordic transcendence. Taika Waititi’s film surprised with its good work, incorporating everything related to the context of Thor into the plot.

Return, absence and a few questions in Thor: Love and Thunder

Heimdall’s appearance Thor: Love and Thunder shows that it could very well be that all the characters in the Thor sub-franchise could return in one way or another. After all, at different points in the comic Thor himself returned from “non-existence” and he managed to get his subjects back after Ragnarok. Could this mean Jane’s arrival in the realm of the Gods, what is the possibility of returning to earth?

What is clear at the moment is that a whole new generation of Asgardians is preparing to rebuild Asgard from the ashes. From the very young and unknown Axel Heimdallson, who inherited the gifts from his father Heimdall, to the return of Lady Sif to teach a new generation. Everything seems to indicate that the Thor franchise will undoubtedly introduce new characters.

Of course, at this point, Heimdall’s presence seems more like a friendly cameo than anything else. And yet, is Loki the great absentee in Thor: Love and Thunder– that death is not a hindrance for an Asgardian? more likely Jane Foster on a well deserved rest in Valhalla. But nothing guarantees that it will be very long or even final. It remains only to wait.

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