AMD’s laptop APUs generally offer good performance and battery life. However, as soon as the laptop is disconnected from power and needs to be connected to the battery, performance drops significantly to save power. This happiness can be greatly enhanced when using the AMD APU Tuning Utility.

famous informant HXL The Chinese player community shared some of the results published on NGA’s website on Twitter. User UID43006324 asked a question about performance drops while using the battery. Answered that AMD has issues with the apu’s task scheduler. Turbo frequency is only turned on when high performance is requested for at least 10 seconds. The U-series suffers more from this boost lag than the H-models. The fclk value, which is a combination of the frequency of the memory controller, Infinity Fabric, and available memory, is usually at 800MHz, which could explain the poor performance.

Significant performance gains can be noted when using AMD APU Tuning Utility or AATU on a 2020 Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro 13 laptop with Ryzen 7 4800U. This tool was developed to set the power limits of AMD’s apus. The overall score goes from 3225 to 4177, an almost 30 percent improvement.

For this, the power of the processor and GPU, which were 4.09 and 4.15 watts, was increased by 123 percent to 8.35 and 10.1 W, respectively. This suggests that AMD favors battery life over performance when setting the power limits of its APUs. Of course, with higher power consumption, the battery will last less, but users can now make that decision for themselves.

Source: Wccftech

Source: Hardware Info

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