A law change passed at least a month ago should guarantee more in Japan. security for internet users. Starting next Thursday (7), practitioners cyberbullying — alternative term for cyber harassment — could face up to three years in prison if reported. The investigation was reportedly triggered by the death of Japanese celebrity Hana Kimura, who committed suicide after suffering reprisals online.

Previously, the punishment of enforcers cyberbullying was limited to 30 days’ imprisonment payable on bail of approximately US$75 or R$400 in direct conversion. Although the “fee” is still present in the current text, its value has been restated at around US$2,200 or R$12,000. The law will be reviewed in three years to assess whether its operation violates freedom of expression, one of the main concerns in the proposal process.

Presumably, the interrogation was described in an interview by criminal lawyer Seiho Cho. CNN. According to him, there is not yet a precise definition of what constitutes an insult in the text, cyberbullying rather vague: “Right now, even if someone calls Japan’s leader an idiot, maybe it could be classified as insulting under the revised law,” he thinks.

as he remembers BoundaryThe UK has similar laws against cyber harassment. Interestingly, the country’s texts also have bland definitions for “heavily offensive” public messages. In this regard, some netizens have already been fined and even arrested for posting hateful tweets, but definitions of the problem are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Source: Tec Mundo

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