Avito calculated that from February to May 2022, the demand for the purchase of ready-made businesses and franchises in the service sector (barber shops, beauty salons, mechanical workshops, hotels) increased by 6%, and in the restaurant sector (bakeries, cafes, coffee shops) – by 9.7%.

The top management of companies that left the Russian Federation became interested in ready-made business – Avito

Research data from Avito analysts was provided to Forbes with a comment on the reasons for such a marked increase in interest. Experts believe that the top managers of the companies that left Russia are more interested in acquiring alternative sources of income.

Senior management representatives have received the necessary business skills in foreign companies, have sufficient funds to invest in their own business, and there is also an application for income diversification.

Ilya Dudkovsky, head of the Ready Business and Franchise and Equipment & Goods categories for Avito Business, thinks so. And his theory is also illustrated by the figures of the Kontur company.

According to their statistics, the service and catering business shows a sharp increase in IP registrations: from January to June 2022, the number of new individual entrepreneurs in the food industry increased by 57.5%.

Avito emphasizes: if in 2021, from February to May, interest in these areas fell, now it only grows. Moreover, if we compare the number of purchase requests of existing companies in February 2021 and 2022, it turns out that interest in the service sector increased by 19.4%, and in catering - by 16.5%.

Avito researchers also note that in January-June 2022, the demand for online stores in operation also increased (by 41.9%), but the interest in them has been steadily increasing for several years, but the passion for the turnkey services in the field of beauty and nutrition is The phenomenon is new, but also quite understandable.

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First of all, as Dudkovsky points out, the threshold for entering these areas is quite low (from hundreds of thousands of rubles for an off-grid location).

Second, in the case of a prefabricated business, not only a “sign” is acquired, but also “really prefabricated infrastructure: equipped premises, trusted suppliers, trained personnel and, in most cases, an accumulated portfolio of clients that guarantees income in the first months of operation”.

The demand for franchises is also growing. In the Persona image studios, February-March were "dead" in the context of franchise sales, but since the end of April, the chain has reopened "an average of five outlets a month." In the Wilgud car service network, the number of franchise applications increased by 25% compared to 2021.


Ekaterina Alipova

Source: RB

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