Researchers used weather data from the 2021 heatwave in the US. It turned out that the combination of shading and natural ventilation kept the temperature in the apartment out of the danger zone during the three days of activity. I didn’t even need air conditioning. According to scientists, such passive cooling strategies can reduce the load on the air conditioning system by up to 80%.

Overall, the simulations showed that even open windows slightly reduced the amount of time the apartment was dangerously hot. Using a combination of passive cooling methods can make a home comfortable even at high temperatures.

There are other interesting findings from the research. Therefore, opening windows is most important at night and early in the morning when the air outside is the coldest, and using blinds or window shades is most helpful in the late afternoon (where they face west in the simulation) when the sun is directly at the windows. The situation is further improved by a fan that helps circulate the air in the window.

Source: Ferra

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