First of all, the DimaViper Live channel specialist noted that it is definitely not worth buying an iPhone 6 from old iPhone models. This is because this device only has 1GB of RAM, no longer receives updates, and in general this version lacks any interesting features. The same goes for the iPhone 5. These smartphones are already very old.

Also, when buying an old iPhone, you should understand that some spare parts on it may not be genuine. For example, show. It is often changed, and you can distinguish “non-native” by the fact that the colors on the screen will be with a bluish tint. Be sure to check the operation of the fingerprint scanner, battery capacity (not less than 80 percent).

As for the iPhone SE, it is also better to buy it last. It still has a decent processor despite being updated, but its compact size and outdated design can be daunting. Therefore, it is not taken very often.

Popular smartphones come from the old iPhone 6S, 7 and 8. However, the 6S is often sold with “dead” batteries, and the batteries are small and the device runs out quickly. Even if you find a smartphone in good condition, you should understand that it has a dual-core processor and will most likely not receive the iOS 16 update. There is even a possibility that Apple will stop supporting it this year.

According to the expert, it is useful to take a closer look at the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. These smartphones are still up to date and overall the best pick from older Apple devices. However, it is still better to take the iPhone 8 from them. Firstly, it has 64 GB of memory, and secondly, it is outdated and not as “killed” as the others, and it is still possible to buy them in good condition for use after 3-4 years. In addition, the 8 has a powerful hexa-core processor with a score of 328,000 on AnTuTu. This smartphone will be updated for a long time, the camera and battery are not bad.

Source: Ferra

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