The new Anchor 757 it’s a huge one portable battery with a power of 1500W and a capacity of 1229Wh. It is a type of battery LiFePO4: is more like that of electric cars than that of smartphones or regular power banks.

The Anker 757 has a rich arsenal of power outlets of various types, including four USB-A ports, two USB-C ports (one 100W and one 60W), and several AC outlets. An LED screen allows you to constantly monitor the remaining autonomy, as well as the output of each door.

To charge this massive power station, just plug it into a common wall outlet. It is enough charge for one hour to reach 80% autonomy

As you may have guessed, the power station of the Anchor Designed for outdoor use, it’s ideal for campers or those who need a source of energy even in the most remote areas – think a mountain rescue mission.

LiFePO4 batteries offer several advantages, but lightness is certainly not one of them: the Anker 757 weighs about 20 kg. Perfect for the trunk of a car, certainly not suitable for a backpack.

With its 1500W, the Anker 757 guarantees to recharge the battery of a regular smartphone, such as an iPhone, about 90 times. The same energy can be used to charge a laptop 16.8 times, or to power a portable mini fridge for 22 hours.

Of course, this power station is not only suitable for outdoor use and can also be used in an emergency, for example during an emergency black out In this regard, Anker explains that the battery can power a regular household refrigerator for about 2.7 hours, or a TV for more than 9 hours. If you live with the paranoia of running out of light, the Anker 757 might be for you. It is definitely a more user-friendly (albeit less effective) alternative to regular fuel-driven generators.

In the US, the Anker 757 is on sale for $1,200 – while it’s unclear whether it will be offered in Europe and Italy in the future.

Source: Lega Nerd

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