It seems that in the course of 2022, Apple will be found to unlock the potential ofhealth app of the iPhone thanks to a new update. Apparently, the company is working on improvements in sleep tracking, as well as a tool to remind users to take certain medications. the pages of Bloombergas acquired by The Verge.

According to what we know, everything can also be useful in case where: Apple Watch released this year have the ability to body temperature According to what was foreseen, thanks to the update it will be possible to scan the drugs to remember when to take them, even if the news arrives only after some time.

The body temperature sensor has been on the leak radar for a long time and the company seems poised to implement its own sensors in the course of 2022although there is still no news on this.

As for a blood pressure monitor, apparently the company is said to have postponed the inclusion of the Apple Watch for the 2024 models only, underlining that it will take a little longer to get hold of the feature in question.

Source: Lega Nerd

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