The latest test version of iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura has a brand new extreme lock mode (lock mode). With it, any user of Apple technology can draw attention to cyber attacks.

To the point: How security check works in iOS 16. Quickly disable access to shared data

According to Apple experts, the blocking mode significantly increases the level of confidentiality of user data and minimizes the risk of information being discovered by the hands of third parties.

Why you need an iPhone lock mode

The new protection mode is the first set of measures to further protect users from outside attacks. It allows for side effects and can obtain user data via the Internet.

It is expected that the security mode of a possible attack on the virus virus will be confirmed by the well-known Pegasus developed by the company. NSO Group for special services of different countries.

After deciding to drastically limit the number of dangerous services and system usage services that are commonly used to attack and obtain data from users.

After activation, the following conditions will be allowed:

▶ In app Messages will be disabled loading of most types of attachments other than images. The preview preview and download of links to the preview window of the displayed site will not work.

So basically this is due to the transfer of part of the malicious code through the standard messenger of the Apple ecosystem.

▶ Ve Safari will blocked by complex web technology like compilation JavaScript JIT Compiler resources viewed by users. In the application settings, you can manually configure the operation of modules on trusted resources.

With such protection against malicious activity, it is impossible to lure the victim to an open site and open the virus code while visiting the page.

▶ Challenges face time from users with whom you have not communicated before, the system will be blocked. In addition, you will not receive group call invitations or audio information from such users through face time or iMessage.

Unknown contact no longer write to you, send any data or invite you to various groups.

▶ While the smartphone is locked, blocked the possibility of wired connection to the computer. This option minimizes the risk of hacking the iOS lock code by picking up GrayKey level gadgets.

Any such tools that are hacked after the new protection mode is enabled will be ineffective.

▶ In app A photo will disabled all shared albums. The user will not be able to create new albums and will not receive requests from other owners of apple technology to connect to their shared media libraries.

This minimizes the risk of endangering user photos that were created if the iPhone owner did not fully understand the cloud photo capabilities.

▶ The system will the ability to install a profile is disabled. You cannot use a developer profile to manually install signed applications, and VPN profiles and profiles for installing test systems will not work.

On the other hand, by adjusting the zoom settings, you can access the equipment, lure out information or block the gadget. At the same time, the ability to configure the smartphone as a corporate device through the Apple Configurator is disabled.

How to Enable Lockdown Mode in iOS 16

one. Go to Settings on iPhone or iPad, or System settings on Mac.

2. Open section Privacy & Security.

3. A new section will appear Lock mode at the very bottom of the list.

four. Click the button Enable lock mode and confirm the action.

5. The gadget will reboot and take the initiative to go above the threshold.

The new mode is disabled in the same way in the menu Privacy & Security with recovery.

This is how the new hidden risk enhanced protection mode is hacked without regard to the real value for many users of the system’s chips.

Source: Iphones RU

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