Most kids impersonate with their clams and figurines while playing, many of which are why the American toy manufacturer Hasbro has released a new service – now you can order a collectible 152mm figure with a surface that will include a repetition of your characteristics. In fact, you can embody yourself in the image of your favorite superhero.

The project called “Hasbro Selfie Series”, in its implementation take part of the company Formlabs, which ss with It all started a few years ago, the code is in p p p p p d d d d nroo team The idea turned out to be very successful and now we can scale d in in f made in

To create a figurine, you need the Hasbro Press Royal App for a bright face. The customer can choose the color of the hair and skin, as well as one of the bodies from the sets of characters from Star Wars, Marvel, Ghostbusters and GI Joe. For 3D printing, it is made of synthetic hypoallergenic resin that is durable. The cost of one figurine is $60.

Source: Tech Cult

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