Developed to improve the sound of televisions, ThisSoundbars are very popular among Brazilians. The device diffuses sound into the environment, making TV shows, movies and sports even more immersive.

Thanks to its compact design, ThisSoundbars do not require a large area in the room and can be mounted on the rack itself, an attractive difference compared to other similar devices.

In this article, we have separated 5 suggestions from each other. tool Starting at R$ 540. Take a look:

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

It has 2.1ch surround sound, 180W RMS power, subwoofer for deeper bass and P2 3.5mm auxiliary connector.

Goldentec Soundbar SBG01 with 80W RMS power promises a loud and immersive sound Power together to users, device has a built-in Subwoofer speakerresponsible for providing deep, layered bass.

To ensure that there is music in the environment, this model has a USB port and also allows Bluetooth connection with smartphones.

Image: Soundbar Philips TAB5105/78
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Soundbar Philips TAB5105/78 has 2 channel sound system, bluetooth connection and auxiliary input and optical cable.

Movies and football matches require different sources when it comes to sound quality. With this in mind, Philips developed the Soundbar TAB5105 with predefined sound profiles for different types of content.

60W RMS power lets the sound radiate throughout the environment, ensuring an immersive experience for everyone.

The model has a geometric design, USB input, HDMI, and also allows its users to connect devices via Bluetooth to play streaming playlists.

Image: Soundbar TCL TS7010
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Soundbar TS7010 has a design that fits perfectly with your TCL TV. Make the most of the features of this modern and sophisticated Soundbar to provide unrivaled sound quality. Stream your favorite music anytime by connecting the soundbar to your Bluetooth device.

Soundbar TS7010 also stands out with its different sound modes. However, it is possible to have a personalized experience in listening to movies, music and news.

The device is powered by 40W RMS and Dolby Digital, delivering loud, clear and detailed sound. Bass is also stronger on this model.since it has subwoofer.

With a slim and elegant design, the model can be installed even in small spaces and it is possible to play content via USB, HDMI or Bluetooth connection.

Image: Soundbar Toshiba TY-SBX130B
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

The Toshiba Soundbar TY-SBX130B has a metal speaker grille with auxiliary Bluetooth, a glossy black enclosure and 15W x 2 output power.

Another option for those looking for a soundbar is Toshiba’s TY-SBX130B. With two 15W RMS outputs, the product provides enough power for productions to sound loud and clear.

The structure of the model is completely black, contrasting with furniture and walls of different colors. The soundbar has optical and auxiliary inputs and also lets you connect other devices via Bluetooth.

Image: Soundbar LG SN4
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Clearer highs and more intense bass for listening to music and watching your favorite movies with the highest sound quality. With DTS Virtual X technology, your audio experience is more complete and gives the feeling of multidimensional sound without having to configure multiple speakers in your room.

Soundbar LG SN4 features a Subwoofer speaker designed from carbon, a material often associated with excellent sound clarity. Al Sound Pro feature set automaticallyproviding the best settings for each production, depending on the content watched.

The soundbar’s sound output is 300W RMS and is ideal for those who like to gather friends at home and play their favorite playlists. The device still has the Smart Streaming feature, which provides more quality for the audio played from the smartphone.

Its slim and sleek design can also be installed in small spaces, and the soundbar even has USB and HDMI inputs.

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