I listen to a lot of music. So, while owning iPhones of different breeds, I tried all the popular and several unpopular streaming services. As a result, I always returned to Apple Music, despite some advantages of the same Spotify or Yandex Music.

Someone says the system is centered on Apple Music terrible.

Someone complains about the lack of tracks that are in other services, and someone even thinks that every month 169 rubles for extracting 56 million songs is too expensive and listens to music from VK with ads.

Now there are no other Apple Music products on my iPhone at all, especially including those from Russia, except for Spotify. In 2022, using Apple Music is easy, it has rare features, and besides, over the years, a mandatory library has accumulated that I am not ready to give up.

Now I will explain in more detail.

an old friend is better than two new ones

Apple Music has this track, other services do not.

My Apple Music account contains a lot of music, sometimes quite unique, like digitized records of a band.

These tracks and albums are not in any music service, so if I want to transfer my media library to the same Yandex Music, these materials are not transferred. So, what’s the point of switching to another service at all?

Also, Apple Music has an audio jack, which works just fine on my iOS 16 beta. I don’t even need any mega headphones, simple AirPods Pro are enough to experience high quality surround sound.

Having lyrics in Apple Music is a plus, but I don’t use them much. The advantage is that the lyrics are not loaded from external resources, they are immediately embedded in the track data. It is convenient to read, and scroll the text to any line and the load of the song will start from it. A trifle, but nice.

Many Spotify adherents note that this service can be installed even in the microwave: Almost every digital store has this app, whether it’s a TV or game console, not to mention smartphones, PCs and tablets.

However, despite my great love for music, I don’t listen to it from TV. I can’t even imagine that someday I will watch TV, not to watch, but to play a streaming service and just listen to it.

Use the recommendations, there is a lot of great new music just for your taste.

By the way, if you still think that the playback system in Apple Music seriously loses to competitors, then you haven’t tried it for a long time. In the Listen section I am constantly discovering something new based on my specific characteristics, in the Radio section I enjoy various shows with live hosts who communicate in amazingly beautiful English.

After installing iOS 16, I noticed that Apple Music has been seriously upgraded. In particular, it became possible to sort playlists by title, artist, album and other parameters, and during playback, you can automatically drag and drop tracks to add them in turn.

There are also minor improvements, like rounder album covers, but few people will notice such little things, and there is no practical benefit from this.

The only negative that I occasionally notice is that a track or an entire album can suddenly disappear in Apple Music. These are all jokes of various copyright holders, and not a jamb on the platform itself.

Also, sometimes songs can be replaced with another, re-recorded version, without any outcome. You can notice this only if you know the text or arrangement by heart, and at first the new version cuts the ear, sounding different from what you are used to.

I don’t really like this development of events, declaring a return to handling media like discs or vinyl, because from there it’s definitely not possible to throw out words or change music for the sake of a momentary hype. And in the history of streaming services, rewriting a track is easy.

But I definitely won’t collect the entire media library on disks, so I continue to enjoy using my native and beloved Apple Music service, which only gets better every year.

For only 169 rubles per month.

To the point:

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