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Home Tech vivo X80 Pro 5G: unconditional commitment to photography and power
vivo X80 Pro 5G: unconditional commitment to photography and power

vivo X80 Pro 5G: unconditional commitment to photography and power


vivo has just launched its new flagshipwhich aims to provide users with a completely premium experience both in what high-end terminals should be and in their production, design and performance, although in this case they want to go a little further.

X80 Pro 5G is aimed at take photography and cinematography to the next levellargely thanks to him Alliance with ZEISSdemonstrating the relentless search for the perfect interaction between user, photo and video.

Vivo has always been characterized as a company in which R&D is very concernedto offer its users the best and best technology.

Exceptional photographic experience

I live X80 Pro


The new X80 Pro is a terminal that introduces several innovations in terms of photography and video, with which the user will achieve much better results than before.

Function Cinematic video bokeh ZEISS is able to create an oval blur effect with a standard film aspect ratio of 2.39:1, creating a series of much more beautiful and expressive videos.

Another positive thing about this new vivo smartphone is that the same bokeh effect able to customize focal length, aperture, and shooting distance.

Function portrait ZEISS Superballows users to recreate a very professional aesthetic that is also combined with a cinematic artistic effect to produce truly impressive results.

If we are taking pictures at night, we can use features such as Clear night visionthanks to which the X80 Pro 5G can shoot night scenes with sufficient lighting, the most original look.

I live X80 Pro


To make your photos even better, this new vivo terminal includes technology ZEISS natural color which, along with AIallows you to make the colors in photographs absolutely natural, with accurate white balance exposure and brightness that is fully consistent with reality.

four rear sensors at 50, 48, 12 and 8 megapixels managed to meet the strict technical requirements to pass ZEISS T coating certification*. In addition, the inclusion live chip V1+provides a higher level visual experience when we are recording or playing.

As if that wasn’t enough, active alignment system with optical stabilization Get completely stable, smooth and clear videos.

A premium mobile phone in every way

it’s mobile inspired by professional cameras with a square aesthetic and a round shape for the rear lens, where the excellent work of the manufacturer is indicated, it is not in vain that this is a terminal with IP68 water and dust resistant.

Its screen has very crisp colors and really good images, since we’re talking about a panel. Ultra Vision E5 2K with DisplayMate A+ certification.

I live X80 Pro


We are talking about 6.78 incheswith a pixel density of 517 ppi, a brightness of 1000 nits and refresh rate 120Hzall compatible with HDR10+ system and dual surround stereo High-Resolution Audio.

Have 3D ultrasonic fingerprint sensor large, with a system in which security can be enhanced by double fingerprinting.

I live X80 Pro


The battery he mounts 4700 mAh with the system fast charging flash charging which reaches 80 W via cable and thanks to the FlashCharge system allows you to charge 50W wireless To all this we must add that it is also capable of charging other terminals via reverse charge function.

How could you understand that the new vivo X80 Pro is a terminal that is destined to become a leader in the world of smartphones, not only in terms of performance, manufacturing, design and features, but in everything related to photography. and cinematography.

Such a terminal is created by vivo, a company that offers devices with design and technology that serve as a bridge between people and everything that is the world of technology. This is a company that follows values benfena term that describes the attitude of doing the right thing and doing it well.

vivo is committed to creating value for society and is pursuing a sustainable strategy to do so by heavily supporting its network of R&D centers where all technologies are developed, which subsequently reach almost 200 million smartphones per year, in more than 60 countries where they sell more , how 400 million users worldwide.

Source: Computer Hoy

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