This is how to create digital works without even knowing how to draw or paint. new concept based on artificial intelligence (AI) Aim, presented Thursday (14). baptized Make a sceneThe tool uses simple text and sketches to create the images.

Innovation brings advances over others. text-based display systems. According to the Facebook owner, some available sources may make the author’s description come true, but they don’t always reflect what he imagined.

For example, in a “picture of a zebra riding a bike”, the animal might be looking in one direction while the bike is looking in another direction, and there is more chance of deviating from the original idea. To minimize errors, great technology allows the simultaneous use of textual annotation and sketches so that the creator is more specific about the desired work.

The AI ​​is fed textual annotation and illustrations to create the images.

Besides combining the two options, the author can only select the text to provide information to the Meta AI. The company claims that regardless of the method used, the concept “focuses on learning the essential aspects of images that are most likely to be important to the creator.”

test the tool

still under development Meta’s Make-A-Scene concept It was put to the test with the participation of artists and digital creators such as Sofia Crespo, Alexander Reben, Scott Eaton and Refik Anadol.

Using the AI ​​system to create “hybrid creatures,” Crespo combined textual description and a hand drawing to teach the technology. The result seen below has been confirmed by the artist.

Image created with instructions by Sofia Crespo.

According to Meta, the functionality can also be used by anyone to “bring their ideas and dreams to life.” However, there is no information on when it will be made available to the public.

Facebook’s Make-a-Scene AI system works similarly to Google’s tool introduced in May that turns text into images. Another technology with the same function, Dall-E Minian artificial intelligence image generator OpenIA.

Source: Tec Mundo

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