Google available today (14) First stable release of Chrome OS Flexa free operating system promises to resurrect legacy and/or basic hardware computers and Macs. Launched in beta mode in February, the software has since received more than 600 bug fixes following feedback from testers.

Developed from the CloudReady app acquired by big tech two years ago, this app is especially suitable for educational institutions and companies whose desktops and laptops no longer support the latest versions of Windows and macOS. Although outside the target audience, home user can also install without restriction.

According to the Mountain View company, the operating system offers a similar experience on a Chromebook to that provided by traditional Chrome OS, despite the lack of some functionality. Devices that are slow with their setup can present a problem. more fluidity to run programs and access the web.

Chrome OS Flexible

Strengthen the security of old computers It’s something that Chrome OS Flex, which has emerged as an alternative for companies targeted by ransomware attacks, also claims. According to the developer, it has its own protection tools, eliminates the need for antivirus, and has features that prevent data loss on stolen devices.

Requirements for installing Chrome OS Flex

Google’s operating system for older computers differs from competing software by being less rigorous. minimum requirements for installationpendrive can be done via external HD or network. Payment:

  • Processor: Intel or AMD with x86-64 architecture
  • RAM memory: 4GB
  • Storage: 16GB
  • USB boot available
  • BIOS administrator access

However, it should be noted that processors and graphics cards manufactured before 2010 may have a “bad experience” with the system, according to the technology giant. The company also points out that Intel’s graphics accelerators GMA 500, 600, 3600 and 3650 do not meet the software’s performance standards.

Google has made a list of over 400 certified templates available for Chrome OS Flex. The left-outs aren’t necessarily incompatible, they haven’t been tested so far.

Source: Tec Mundo

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