For some time now it has been possible to use the tool that allows messages sent via chat. What’s up? automatically destroyed after a certain time. The truth is that this option is quite useful—especially for those who use the messaging app in a more professional way. This chapter is working on a new possibility, which is the most interesting.

This is one of those advances where no special attention has been paid, but has become very important to the app because it fulfills a fundamental goal: making the app as simple as possible to use and the possibilities that everyone is involved in. It is used in WhatsApp to get the most out of it.

The new development that WhatsApp is working on

Well, it’s such a simple yet useful thing that allows it to be set up. set automatic deletion of messages in multiple chats -or group- at a time. It sounds simple and trivial, but it isn’t. Until now you had to go one by one to make the relevant change to achieve this. However, in this way, you will save a lot of time and prevent possible forgetfulness that may cause problems.

New option for deleted messages on WhatsApp


That way, you can do this in multiple chats (more than 100), just by clicking on a new section in the configuration. Y The process is very simple, because multiple selection already available in WhatsApp is used, for example, when five days have passed, the goal is achieved so that the sent message is deleted from all conversations with individual contacts or groups. And therefore, we are talking about a very useful option.

It is also included in the section of the place chosen to make the partner selection. default time Found in Deleted Messages (there’s a link in particular that needs to be clicked). This is located under Privacy under Account when accessing the messaging app settings. Therefore, everything is as intuitive as possible.

The arrival of this new function

As always in the information resource, this new function is currently, whatsapp trial version, especially the one for the Android operating system. Distribution is already underway for anyone using this app and is expected to arrive in development for iOS in a few days. After verifying that everything is working properly, it will be transferred to the final application for all users downloaded from official app stores. In other words, the way the company owned by Meta works is preserved.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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