Most people who travel hope to return transformed. At the same time, according to Professor Jaco J. Hamman, the desire to travel can be called the defining characteristic of the person.

There is also the so-called meaningful travel. They include six stages that can eventually lead to a person’s “rebirth”.

  1. Expectation. These are the expectations and thoughts before the journey itself begins. The expert advises people to be prepared for anything, including disappointments and uncertainty, before traveling.

  2. Care. In this way, you can understand what kind of attachment style the person has. For example, some set out with excitement, others with guilt and hesitation.

  3. Change. This stage includes, for example, canceling a flight, changing the weather, etc. Includes. As a result, a person surrenders to the unknown as he is. However, it is known that this step helps a person to get rid of habits that hinder him, to feel a sense of wholeness, unity with others. Let’s say a perfectionist in this situation is free from the fear of failure, and someone who usually handles everything on their own feels vulnerable when they get help from strangers.

  1. Meeting. This allows you to go beyond common stereotypes about other people and cultures. But it’s also important to know what topics are dangerous to talk about when speaking in a particular country. It is best for the traveler to experience “cultural humility”. This will allow him to easily seek help from others: “Please help me understand”, “I don’t know”, “How…?”

  2. Care. Such care can be associated with the consumption of local resources, for example: water, food, etc. Also, travelers can hire local guides for this, dine in family restaurants.

  3. Return. A person may experience a reverse culture shock when returning to their home country. However, this may not be as strong if the traveler shares his impressions with others, expanding his knowledge of the place and culture visited.

Source: Ferra

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