This office chair is particularly comfortable and is half the price today

This chair is too low to work, study and play if you want.

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If you’re looking for a good chair but don’t want to spend a lot of money, this is one historical opportunity for you. This Amazon-branded chair has a 90 euro discount coupon which just leaves the last price 189.99 99.99 €. This is a historical discountIt wasn’t that cheap even on Prime Day.

Much has been said about the IKEA Markus, but this it’s cheaper It has the same technologies to relieve our posture health and fatigue in front of the screen. take this swivel, tilt and adjustable chair In this non-repeatable offer for only 100 Euros in various ways.

Amazon Brand – Umi Chair

Don’t forget to activate the 90 Euro coupon before adding it to the cart.

Buy a good desk chair for less than 100 euros

UMI chair Amazon Brand

This office chair will allow you to work, study and play for hours without complaining about your back or neck.

A great option to work together better posture quality, play without getting too tired and work without getting up to stretch our legs and arms frequently is this chair. about a ergonomic seat It adapts to your back thanks to its inclination and inclination that can be adjusted up to 130°. You can also adjust the height with the compressed air system on the base and thus adjust the height of the armrests so we don’t stress the shoulders like in other models.

Dimensions of this chair: 120cm highseat up to 55 cm from the ground, one 65 cm wheel diameterand the seat is 51 cm wide and 48 cm deep. The headrest has a width of 43 cm, enough bow or lie down upon him in moments of fatigue. shape of the chair s-shapedlike our back, we will have support in a large part of our body with its anatomical shape in this way.

It’s one of those chairs I’ll buy without hesitation when I get rid of Markus.

height adjustable With a margin of up to 9.5 cm, armrest too Height can be adjusted up to 7 cm difference. Sometimes we have a more or less high (or low) table and this function can make it easier to place the chair under it. The fabric that the whole chair is covered with breathable meshso on hot days like what we had this summer it can relax us a lot. We have extra support in the lower back so that this area is supported, because you can have low back pain for hours, not this way.

Amazon Brand – Umi Chair

This chair is 3 years warranty from the moment you buy it. Be amazon brand We can make sure the after-sales service will be splendid. The chair is simple to assemble and if we want we can change the wheels Nylon polyurethane coming to you for other compatible ones we can buy from Amazon. Weight of the chair 17.7kg combined.

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