For a while, it was more or less open in August, as it has been for several years. SAMSUNG was going to do one of the popular Unpacked events. The Korean company confirmed this in a message on Twitter. It also did the same for a specific date.

The fact is that the signature to convey this is the most interesting, because a little game is included in a message on the above mentioned social network, and here you need to put some together. colored circles present in successive images words and symbols so you can see concretely the day you need to be careful because the news seems to be the most interesting. This tweet:

If you didn’t find the right result, we’ve already helped you know the day of the event: 10 August 2022. In other words, the expectations of one of the world’s largest technology manufacturers to showcase many of its innovations related to phones and related accessories have been met. Therefore, there is not much left.

What will Samsung offer that day?

Well, if there is one thing to take lightly, it is the announcement of the company’s new folding phones. In other words, the new generation Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip they will be real. These models, which will come with improvements in their hardware such as the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor inside, will also be much better by adding improvements to the screen both in terms of quality and so that the hinges are much less noticeable.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold folding smartphone


Also, on both models with Android weight improvements, one of its handicaps from previous generations, all without losing the right autonomy and maintaining an attractive design. on the nail very superior cameras The Flip model is expected to be cheaper – and the surprise of a variant with different hardware (under 900 euros) with the aim of lowering the price significantly.

other upcoming products

One of the safe ones is the new generation of smartwatches from the company, which will continue to use Google’s WearOS operating system. This model, which will lose its bezel, which has rotated in favor of a few buttons to give it a more traditional look, will include a thermometer in the health section, which will significantly increase its functions. At least two variants are expected, and one of them may include 5G. So good progress Samsung Galaxy Watch 5.

Also, there is little information that indicates that there may be new ones from the game. headphone To compete with Apple AirPods – although that’s not exactly a sure thing. Also, what they declare is not excluded at all. new tablets The strength of the company that is emerging now and will come to increase its presence in a very competitive market (especially since there are no longer a few people using these devices as laptop replacements).

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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