This Monday (the 25th), China announced the conditional approval of the drug Azvudine for the treatment of adult patients. Covid-19. In July 2021, the country same drug to treat people infected with the virus HIV-1.

China’s National Administration of Medicinal Products made a statement and said that Chinese pharmaceutical Original Biotechnology will be responsible for the production of the drug. For this reason, Azvudin is considered the first drug for the treatment of covid-19 produced directly in China.

This isn’t the first time China has allowed covid-19 patients to take oral medication, and in February Pfizer’s Paxlovid was also approved – in 2020, China approved treatment with traditional Chinese medicine’s Lianhuaqingwen capsules.

Tests in Brazil

According to website information South China Morning PostSome Azvudine trials have been conducted in China, Brazil and Russia since April 2020. Clinical trials involved more than 300 people in phase 2 and nearly 800 people in phase 3.

The results show that the drug can shorten recovery time in patients with mild symptoms, with data showing that 40.4% of patients taking Azvudine recovered after just seven days.

In Brazil, the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) has approved the emergency use of the drugs Evusheld, Paxlovid and Baricitinib – the latter being used to treat hospitalized adults with the disease and offered by SUS.

Source: Tec Mundo

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