AirPods Pro are made with regular rubber earbuds that are suitable for almost all users.

But sometimes the headphones do not sit well in the ears due to the unusual shape.

Memory foam ear cushions from AliExpress that adapt to the shape of the ears can help to correct this situation.

These earbuds use a foam filling that is best worn with the earbuds during sports and in high temperatures.

He also showed a high load on the ears, which allows you to use the headphones for a long time without experiencing discomfort.

Like the standard ear pads, the foam pads are enlarged by several sizes. The shape of the earbuds may change slightly during use of AirPods Pro to better fit your ears.

The ear pads are sold in white and black and are virtually irrelevant.

On AliExpress, a set of foam inserts for AirPods Pro costs 274 rubles. Ear pads of the same size are obtained at 122 rubles.

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Source: Iphones RU

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