Japanese architecture firm Kengo Kuma & Associates is a world leader in museum construction, with projects such as the design of the V & Dundee Museum in Scotland and the OMM Museum of Art in Turkey. For Their New Hans Christian Andersen Museum, Studio Architects drew inspiration from the work of the famous storyteller. Exceptionally partially underground and beaten fractionally.

HC Andersen Hus is located next to the author’s childhood home in Odense in Denmark. Its overall design is based on Andersen’s fairy tale “The Flint and Steel”, which tells the story of a Tree Hiding a Treasure Underground. The territory of the museum covers an area of ​​5,600 sq. m and includes a museum, a cultural center, a children’s area and a cafe. The composition consists mainly of wood with a green roof and detection glazing to detect plenty of natural light. Most of the square is occupied by underground exhibition spaces, which house the work of a dozen artists from around the world based on Andersen’s fairy tales.

Andersen Museum

This partly underground layout of free space for a landscaped communal garden with plants, some of which appear in the fairy tales of the estate. Exhibition halls are organized without a hierarchy and a single center. Museum spaces occupy several round rooms. A continuous curved green wall repeats the structure of the underground space, enclosing the garden and outlining the surface roads. Passing through the intertwined other space, visitors find themselves between the developed and the inner worlds as the green wall illuminates and disappears.

Andersen Museum

H.K. Andersen Hus was created by natural landscape contractor MASU Planning and opened in mid-2021. However, since then, work has been carried out to improve the garden, which is now almost completed. The construction cost is 390 million Danish kroner (almost $60 million). The Alieksika Museum is expected to receive up to 300,000 visitors a year.

Andersen Museum

Source: Tech Cult

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