A recent study by scientists from the Wu Cai Institute of Neurology showed how motor memories are formed and why they stay in the brain for a long time. According to experts, motor memory is unique. Various studies have involved former musicians who can’t remember their relatives but remember how to play music.

Experts believe that in the brain, memories are encoded in the form of activity in many networks of neurons. During a new study, a group of experts decided to find out how these cell groups (neurons) play a role in learning and remembering a motor skill.

As part of the research, the scientists conducted an experiment involving mice. To do this, they trained the animals to pick up food pellets with their claws. They also observed which neurons fired in the mice’s brains during training.

When the experts checked after a few weeks whether the mice remembered how to take the pellets, they found that the neurons identified initially were active in the brains of the remembering animals.

It was also revealed that motor (motor) memories in the brain are located in different parts of the brain and in large numbers. Therefore, when we repeat certain actions, we create new connections between neurons and thus improve skill.

In addition, according to scientists, the persistence of motor memory can be associated with rewards and the hormone dopamine.

Source: Ferra

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