It arrives on the streaming platform Netflix on July 22 the feature film the gray manof Ryan Gosling And Chris Evans protagonists, but critics have already seen and reviewed the film, what Rotten tomatoes was definitely not approved – reviews yielded a 52% approval rate.

The global verdict on The Gray Man is:

The movie is full of entertainment action stars, but is filled with uninspiring side elements that make it far from the best feature films.

And taking into account the judgment of the critics, we can mention Sara Michelle Fetters of who said:

The Gray Man would be the most excruciatingly high-budget movie of 2022 without the charismatic presence of Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling.

Todd Jorgenson of Cinemalogue said:

Despite all the explosions, violence, and escapes from the protagonists, the film is too disconnected from reality to create a truly profound impact. There is too much black and white and too little grey.

Alan Zilberman of Spectrum Culture talked about a movie “that tries to be a spy thriller” but doesn’t quite succeed. And Nick Rogers of Midwest Film Journal used a Face/Off comparison, writing that it could be that kind of movie, and that it turned out to be “a Half/Off” instead (something in between).

Some positive statements were also made, such as in the case of Wenlei of, who spoke of The Gray Man as a “immersive and noisy product. […] who needs a fairly low IQ to be appreciated”.

Source: Lega Nerd

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