Of course, in some cases you had the bad experience of not being able to find the files you downloaded. This magic trick is the most annoying Android, and the truth is, you’re not looking in the right place because. We’ll show you what you need to do so you don’t fail when it comes to finding files you’ve obtained on the internet.

One of the things you should check first of all is that your terminal has a file browser. These are the ones that let you examine the storage of the Android device to search for your downloads. If you don’t have one, usually all current models have one, you can get some. Free Excellent quality on Play Store. A few examples are Google Files or X-plore File Manager. Take care of them to avoid problems.

Find what you have downloaded to your Android

Generally, in applications that allow you to locate storage files, you will see a user interface where you can review the most recent files you have downloaded, as well as commonly used direct access sections. One of them is of particular interest to you: Downloads. Whether it’s a PDF document or an app in APK format, you’ll find everything you have in the cloud here. Therefore, this is the easiest way to find what you thought was lost.

Their management is the most intuitive, because to organise You can regularly delete or share everything you see on the screen by genre or date (so you can quickly find the last thing you downloaded). That is, by pressing -one or more-on the selected file. Then, simply select the option you want to perform. Therefore, File Explorer apps are more than just a way to see what you have stored in your phone or tablet’s internal storage.

Direct access to downloads on Android

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An important detail to know

Some third-party apps that allow you to inspect the device’s contents break the way the Android operating system works. well change the folder where the downloaded files are stored. This often creates the aforementioned effect of surprise because there is a feeling that everything is lost. And the truth is, it isn’t.

Fortunately, it is possible to change this in the app settings and everything will work again as usual in Google development. So it is ideal after installing a File Explorer app. check settings If modifications are made as above and thus you will not encounter unexpected surprises.

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