A lawsuit against Apple leads the company to the antitrust judgment due to the fact that: Apple Pay is the only digital wallet on devices iOS that lets you explore the potential of tap-to-pay on . can use iPhone, iPad and further Apple Watchwith all others that are blocked.

It all started to pass Hagens Berman and Sperling & Slaterwho claim the company generates at least a billion dollars each year simply by preventing rivals from accessing NFC features on their devices, preventing services like Google Pay and Samsung Pay from working on Apple devices.

In the United States, the company receives the 0.15% of the total for credit cards and half a cent for debit cardswhich would then lead to the giant generating large revenues over time.

It seems that the taxes that the company imposes to use the service, among other things, would not be sustainable in the event that among the devices of the Cupertino giant, other competitors were also undermined, who will of course accept their proposal with different conditions. would bring the game. compared to Apple’s.

Source: Lega Nerd

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