iFixit specialists finally got to the new MacBook Air and carried out a complete analysis of the laptop.

The first device of the problem was called a single 256 GB NAND flash memory chip instead of two 128 GB each, as was the case with the M1 version. Because of this gadget, it shows a 30% slower SSD speed.

The teardown revealed a 64-bit 8-core M2 chip, the expected Apple Thunderbolt 3 driver, USI Bluetooth and WiFi. But it also turned out that the built-in accelerometer, but did not understand why it was needed.


In addition, iFixit did not detect normal heat dissipation, there is no clarity on how the passive cooling system works.

How is this thing cooled? Of course it has a lot of thermal paste and graphite tape in it and yes the M2 is effective but this screen is very thin so it doesn’t help much, the case is lighter than last year. Maybe the M2 Air is secretly an iPad, or maybe Apple is just letting it heat up.

– I fix it

Like the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models, the ‌MacBook Air‌ M2 has easy-to-access adhesive tabs to secure the battery for quick and easy battery removal.

The MacBook Air‌ M2 includes 52.6 Wh of visibility compared to the 49.9 Wh battery offered in the ‌M1 chip‌ version.

All ports on the MacBook Air are modular and not glued, but the SSD and “M2” chip are soldered as expected and cannot be easily upgraded or replaced.

Source: Iphones RU

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