Most of the employees of Russian companies have enough strength only to perform work tasks; they hardly have them for their personal life and daily life, the survey showed. Every ninth participant described their vital energy level as low.

Most company employees have enough vitality just to complete work tasks: survey

A third of the respondents who participated in the survey admitted that their vital energy is enough only for personal life and financial affairs. More than half (51%) of the survey participants indicated that instead they only have enough energy to complete work tasks.

Freelancers take your life energy away from constant processing – 48% of respondents said this. Most non-domestic workers (31%), in turn, cited frequent phone calls with employees as a reason for burnout.

According to the survey results, the main reason for the burnout of financiers was anxiety about the future of the company – 29% of respondents admitted this. The majority (33%) of retail employees are concerned about career prospects.

Every second respondent knows how to restore their life resource, the survey showed. The most popular way (26%) to do this was to relax by watching TV shows.

The joint Fitmost and TenChat survey involved 11.6 thousand representatives of various professions.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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