Samsung this week announced the debut of the 27-inch M5 Monitor in Brazil. The main feature of the product is its ability to perform various functions, including connection and processing, to use applications directly on the screen. The manufacturer calls it “the world’s first do-it-all monitor.”

What Samsung means by “does it all” is that the Monitor M5 can be used as a TV for example, in addition to acting as a normal screen for your PC. It includes the Tizen system and is compatible with the world’s leading streaming apps like Netflix and Prime Video. The monitor can connect directly to the internet without using a computer to watch your favorite shows directly.

In addition to this function, the Samsung M5 also has a “working mode” that can be used for remote access from your PC or to use Microsoft 365 cloud applications. In this mode, the monitor is compatible with Samsung Dex. mobile phone as if it were a desktop computer.

The new monitor has already arrived at authorized Brazilian retailers with a suggested price of R$2,199. More information is available on the official page.

Source: Tec Mundo

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