US aircraft maker Boeing crossed out the Russian market from its supply forecast for the next 20 years, up to 2041.

Boeing refused to supply planes to Russia for the next 20 years

The company previously planned to supply 1,500 aircraft to Russia during this period, Kommersant reports with reference to the company's long-term annual forecast for the commercial market.

Boeing cut its global delivery plan by almost 5% from its previous forecast to 41,100 new planes.

Transportation analyst Elena Sakhnova told the publication that Russia has accounted for an average 6-10% of Boeing and Airbus deliveries over the past ten years. In her opinion, the loss of this volume may cause a slowdown in the production of both manufacturers and higher prices for customers.

The comprehensive program for the development of the aviation industry of the Russian Federation until 2030 mentions that the average age of passenger aircraft in Russia exceeds 14.5 years. In June, former Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov said that, according to calculations by the Ministry of Transport, the operation of such a fleet is possible within five years. During this time, it is necessary to come to serial deliveries of domestic aircraft, which "are guaranteed to provide all necessary passenger and cargo transportation."

According to plans, by the end of 2025, Russia will operate at least 70% of more than 700 foreign aircraft, "which is in line with projected capacity requirements."


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Source: RB

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