(21) on Thursday, Microsoft announced that it will block again macros It is found in Office documents obtained from the Internet. The measure, which was implemented in February of this year, was temporarily suspended earlier this month.

contextualization, a macro- It can be defined as an action or a set of actions written in a programming language, used to automate tasks. Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Its blocking aims to protect users as the tool has become one of the most effective ways to spread malware families. in phishing attacks.

The decision, which will be made directly on Microsoft servers, will not require an update to the Office suite. The main change is in the supporting documentation that is available to users when a file is locked, which should now show response actions in a simplified manner.

According to website Beeping Computerfeedbacks The negatives were the aggravating factor that prompted Microsoft to temporarily unblock it.

The new notification includes the message “Microsoft has blocked the execution of macros because the source of this file is not reliable” in addition to the “More info” button, which takes the user to a guide with further instructions on the precaution and how to do it. to access macro-.

But the news should not immediately affect all versions of the suite such as Office for Mac, Android, iOS or web. The new update will be delivered gradually and there is no date yet to reach the corporate channels.

Source: Tec Mundo

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