Good news on Twitter: Everyone will be able to share clips from Spaces

Social networks are working hard to become multi-disciplinary options where it’s possible to present all kinds of content. An example of what we are saying is Spaces of excitement. Well, it is known that the company is preparing a novelty that will of course be to the liking of all users, when it comes to choosing their favorite from their favorite creations.

Twitter Spaces is a feature that has been implemented relatively recently and allows you to implement it. online conversations directly with the tool offered by the social network. It is a direct competition of the clubhouse and everything produced straightso it has the element of uniqueness and intimacy that users love so much right now.

So far only creators clips It is one of the most striking moments in a conversation, but this is something that will change radically in a short time. And frankly, that’s good news.

Twitter’s new function

This will come for both OS Android when it comes iOSwill allow all users in a live chat to create clips of a conversation in Space. This way, creators’ exclusivity will be removed to increase the impact of their content (the new functionality will even make a clip go viral because it will be possible. share on each participant’s profile from Twitter). On paper, this looks like a success.

Clips are segments of a live stream that can be cut and then cut. attach to a message Posted on the social network. Since we are talking about audio, all people will be able to see and play the content. And yes, the expiration time of all this is 30 days. After this time, everything will be removed from Twitter.

Deployment of this new option

Unlike in other cases, the new function in Spaces aimed to universalize clip creation, already open In social network clients available for iOS and Android. Therefore, if you do not have it, you will soon be able to use it normally and without restrictions. Of course, we will have to wait a little longer for the web version of Twitter, according to the company itself (but it will come).

The truth is, the North American firm’s commitment to Espacios, which is waiting to see if it’s acquired by Elon Musk, is crucial. This increase is indicated by added functionslike being able to listen to recordings of conversations that have already ended or charging a fee to access a live discussion.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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