In March, Apple announced the cessation of device deliveries to Russia. In fact, the company continues to import electronic products into the country almost every month. Thousands of smartphones and computers were imported in June.

Apple continues to import smartphones and laptops to Russia

The devices are unlikely to hit stores. They are more intended to replace devices under warranty, the repair of which is impossible in Russia, Izvestia learned.

Devices purchased from official dealers can be repaired in Russia or exchanged for new ones if the problem cannot be fixed at an authorized service center. You can also change devices whose users have signed up for the AppleCare+ Extended Support program.

At the ASC in the capital, Apple reported that it is possible to replace broken smartphones with new ones officially delivered by the company to Russia. For example, Bi2X can do this if Russian specialists cannot fix the iPhone 13 Pro within five to seven days. However, due to the lack of devices in stock, the replacement may take more than a month.

On the eve of the FAS acknowledged that Apple violated the antitrust laws of Russia. According to the agency, the US company has abused its dominant position in the iOS application distribution market.

The violation will result in a negotiable fine for Apple. Its size will be determined in the course of an administrative investigation.

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