YouTube Music 5.16 targets Android 13 and gets a rounded square pause button on the right, while the play action is enclosed in a circle with a transition animation between these states, plus the wavy progress bar is flanked by forward/backward, with repeat and mix in the corner.

YouTube Music is participating Chrome and Google Podcast (which is being updated via the Google app) to be fully compatible with the new media player, Spotify has yet to be updated and will hopefully receive an update in the coming weeks before the launch of Android 13 on the Pixel; what’s more, even the main YouTube app (for playing audio in the background) doesn’t have it.

That said, in Android 13 Beta 1, Google enabled the redesign for all apps, but it remains to be seen whether Google will require developers to update automatically or provide a modern experience from day one. Version 5.16 of YouTube Music has not yet been widely implemented via the Play Storebut it should be available by the end of the week (notably the app didn’t update last week – skipped 5.15 – on both Android and iOS).

Did you know that YouTube added the loop for individual video chapters? In fact, the chapters of the videos on YouTube have now been updated with an interesting feature, which, as confirmed, will allow users to start the loop. you can find all this and other information on our site at this address in case you want to learn more about the subject.

Source: Lega Nerd

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