By order of darpa, scientists from universitrian rice (shsha) began to develop technology for delaying the arrival of neuro material. Their first experiment was a success – they learned how to give a lot of fruit to the fly. These scientists had to literally “muzzle” the brain of an insect, creating n n n rr.

With the help of genetic engineering, studies are being carried out on the expression of a number of neurons with thermosensitive nerves. This is achieved by the manifestation of a brightly opposed p

front sight

The Chechens placed the mek in a sagnite katsha and found behind their behavior, the frequency of activity. Numerous experiments have shown that flies spread their wings as early as half a second after turning on the magnetic field, which is close to the natural speed of their brains. Now experiments on rodents are coming, and in the future, on humans.

The possibility of a technology that is remote but directly affecting neurons, transferring the set in bypassing unusual paths, discovering the “holy grail” in the field of neuroscience. Thus, you can set a lot of people to defeat the Neds in a special way – for example, return the look of a person without the help of the last one. the help of artificial telepathy.

Source: Tech Cult

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