The prototype of the Apple-1 computer “Apple Computer A”, which informed Steve Jobs, is up for the sports day auction.

A computer motherboard hand-built by Steve Wozniak in 1976 was used by Steve Jobs for the Apple-1 adventures of Paul Terrell, who owned The Byte Shop in Mountain View, California. Byte Shop became the first retail store to sell the Apple-1 after Terrell ordered 50 fully assembled devices and sold them for $666.66 each.

The models have a tasty number, this is the second assembled computer in the line. Originality verified by Cory Cohen.

The toll appears to have been violated in relation to the footprint that spanned a fissure that runs through the footprint of zone D12 through the original part of the area to the right of A15. Obviously, the missing part was thrown away, but can be restored thanks to the photos of Paul Terrell. One of the identified features of the “Apple Computer A” prototype was the use of three orange Sprague Atom capacitors rather than the Big Blue described in the Apple Computer 1 production release.

— excerpt from the description of the lot

Compared to the production Apple-1 vaccine, the prototype is called “Apple Computer A”: it has a different processor and does not have the green protective coating for typical Apple-1 computers. It is expected that the value of the lot will exceed 500 thousand dollars, despite the damage.

Source: Iphones RU

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