Also there Toyota Yaris Cross will have a version GR Sports. The small SUV, unlike the city car, only gets a ‘partial’ treatment. In fact, the hybrid powertrain remains unchanged. What changes is mainly the appearance of the vehicle – more aggressive – as well as the set-up and driving dynamics.

It is the GR Sport version or the regular model? If the car is in motion, it may not be so easy to understand, because as far as the exterior is concerned, the changes are minimal. Of course we find the GR Sport badge in all its pride, but otherwise you have to be happy with the new one 18-inch alloy wheels with red calipers and little else. We find some news earlier in the passenger compartment, where we are welcomed by the sports seats in leather and fabric, as well as the aluminum pedals and the steering wheel with the GR logo.

In terms of performance, the main change relates to the set-up, with the ground clearance being reduced by 10 mm to facilitate driving dynamics. Dynamics also optimized by a renewed steering precision, as well as by special reinforcements under the body.

As expected, the powertrain has not been touched: the Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport he always mounts the 116 hp (85 kW) of the version currently on sale in Italy. However, Toyota spoke – without going into details – of some refinements to ensure greater engine response, making it more suitable for sporty driving.

Does it come to us too? Good question, for now Toyota has limited itself to talking about the Japanese market. The Toyota Yaris GR Sport, with its powerful three-cylinder, has also been in Italy for a while, so why not. His ‘older’ sister may come in the future.

Source: Lega Nerd

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