Photo Editor is an image editor. SAMSUNG Offering dozens of options, the South Korean company also offers Expert Raw application, especially for amateur and professional photographers who take pictures in Raw format. But without informing anyone, the company has launched a new photo editing app on the Galaxy Store.

HE Galaxy Enhance-X It is the new editing application, but there is a big difference compared to the others available. According to the information disclosed in the store, Enhance-X offers various editing features based on artificial intelligence.

Apparently, the app requires Android 10 or higher and is only available on some models of the brand. The editor’s goal is to provide users with an option that offers simple, yet high-quality results – so artificial intelligence will do most of the work of editing images.

application features

Users can use Galaxy Enhance-X to remove blurry areas, increase sharpness and brightness, remove moire pattern distortion, and deliver enhanced HDR effect, among other features.

“A user can use AI-based techniques to repair and enhance images stored in the gallery. You can eliminate unwanted blur, reflections and at the same time increase sharpness and scale resolution, improve dynamic range and brighten photos taken in low light conditions.”

Image: Samsung Galaxy A52

Source: Tec Mundo

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