SATA is an interface for connecting hard drives, optical drives, and other storage devices to a computer. With these cables, most drives are connected to the motherboard.

The trick to the new method is that these cables can be turned into an antenna for wireless data theft. The method was called SATAn, or “Devil”. To activate the vulnerability, a special program must be downloaded to the computer.

As a result of a compromised device, SATAn uses standard SATA cable communication protocol to encode sensitive information into normal driver activity payload. Electromagnetic “noise” begins to form, and the SATA cable becomes an antenna and broadcasts a signal with a frequency of 6 GHz – the transmission range is limited to one meter.

According to experts, this method does not threaten ordinary users, but can be used for industrial espionage. For this reason, companies need to be careful and pay attention to protective measures such as cable shielding.

Source: Ferra

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