British developments have developed a new drone control system for the British army, which makes them invulnerable to electronic warfare systems. The development was carried out within the framework of the project “DSTL Air Command and Control, Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance and Interoperability”, the creator of the new system was the company QinetiQ.ya At the heart of data transmission technology over a laser beam.

The technology is called “two-way optical field communication” (FSOC). This is not a universal communication system, but a kind of fallback that should cause a lot of problems to the enemy, presumably relying on their EW facilities. It is expected that he will try to establish control over all radio signals on the battlefield, and at this time the drone with FSOC will carry out its mission unhindered.

An additional advantage of the laser system in relation to True, it is not yet entirely clear how this technology works in the conditions of installing a smoke screen. Also, for natural communication, direct visual contact with its drone is required, which restores the use of rough terrain and in the White Sea area. terms.

Source: Tech Cult

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