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7 mostly unknown Korean dramas you can find on Netflix


South Korean culture has never been more consumed by international audiences than it is now. And it covers all industries, from music with bands like the familiar BTS to the Oscar-winning Parasites, Bong Joon-ho, or the record-breaking TV series The Squid Game.

Regarding the latter, we already know that the second season of The Squid Game is underway and that Netflix has led this South Korean growth in recent years.

While South Korean television series may not have as much television weight as in their country of origin, platforms like this one play an important role in streaming series today. Fortunately for us, Netflix realized that this niche had great potential.

Here are some of the funniest South Korean TV series you can watch on the streaming service, from a gripping period film to romantic comedies and zombies in all their forms.

7 Korean dramas you can find on Netflix:

  • We are dead (2022)
  • Towards Hell (2021)
  • Kingdom (2019)
  • Crash into Your Heart (2019)
  • It’s okay not to be nice (2020)
  • My Name (2021)
  • Beginning (2020)

We are dead (2022)

we died


This is the series that you must have seen, or at least familiar to you. Trapped students must escape their high school, which has become ground zero for a zombie virus outbreak due to an experiment gone horribly wrong. When they have to fend for themselves, they will have to work together and use whatever resources they can find to survive.

this will combine typical teen drama with “terror” to get a really great Korean drama with a great future.

The first season premiered in January, and it quickly made its way into Netflix’s top 10 series, garnering praise for both addressing the coronavirus and reflecting South Korean society.

Good news for fans: Season two is in the making. For now, we leave you to the first link.

Towards Hell (2021)

go to hell

Train to Busan (2016) director Yeon Sang-ho has adapted her own digital story for this new Netflix take on the Korean drama that some fans think is even better than The Squid Game.

And that’s it, let’s stop for a moment and imagine a world where people start getting messages. supernatural creatures who say they will soon be dragged to hell for their sins. This is when monsters from the underworld appear to hunt them down and send them to hell, as you can see in the image we left you.

As panic spreads throughout the city, a cult leader preaches to the country that they must shame the sinners in order to gain salvation.

highlight this the first three episodes were screened at the Toronto International Film Festival This dark treatment of the concept of sin and religious extremism has received widespread criticism.

We leave you the Netflix link so you can run to watch.

Disney Plus logo

Kingdom (2019)


If we mixed two great shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead and set them in 17th century Korea, the result would be Kingdom. In addition, it is visually striking, a feast for our eyes.

In this Netflix original series set during the Joseon dynasty (season two and a third on the way), the king is presumed to have died from a strange illness. The crown prince will try and find out what happened to his father. The king didn’t die, he became a zombie.

The whole fabric of the series starts here. As the epidemic begins to spread across the kingdom, it’s up to the crown prince to save his people and uncover the diabolical conspiracy behind his stepmother’s takeover.

You can see the two seasons available by clicking this link.

Crash into Your Heart (2019)

accidental landing in your heart

This ultra-famous drama follows South Korean heir Yoon Se-ri, who accidentally travels to North Korea and falls in a paragliding accident. This will be discovered by a North Korean army officer. However, instead of letting him continue on his wrong path, he secretly decides to help her get home and falls in love along the way.

Although we are dealing with such a serious matter as Relationship between North and South KoreaPraised by experts for being a great South Korean drama, but very accurate and detailed in depicting daily life in North Korea.

To highlight a slightly creepy point, and that’s, if you notice great chemistry between the two protagonists, say: They fell in love and got married two years after the show ended.

We leave the link to you so that you can leave a season behind and enjoy it.


It’s okay not to be nice (2020)

it's okay not to be good

Let’s go with something more sensible. This series is a heartwarming romance revolving around a children’s book author, psychiatric hospital worker, and her brother with autism. Our hero, who also has antisocial personality disorder, will develop a romantic obsession for the male nurse.

While it may seem a little strange at first to keep the whole situation on time and arouse public interest, sensitive and realistic view of mental health (usually a very taboo subject in South Korea) focuses on people with disabilities as people who are fully capable of loving and being loved.

It has a season you can watch on Netflix.

My Name (2021)

my name is

Anyone who loves revenge thrillers or action should watch My Name. The story follows Yoon Ji-woo, A young woman seeking revenge after witnessing the brutal murder of her father.

Suspecting police involvement, he joins a drug gang led by his friend Choi Mu-jin, who helped him infiltrate the police force as a mole.

There he will take another name and associate with the narcotics detective so that he can carry out his plan, find his father’s murderer and, above all, show his devotion to him. It includes eight riveting episodes with long, well-choreographed fight scenes. Perfect for any weekend.

Of course, you can see it on Netflix via the link below.

Amazon Prime Video

Beginning (2020)


If you’re into business, Silicon Valley, Google offices…etc and love triangles, this is your series. This romantic drama follows an ambitious woman, Seo Dal-mi. technology’s next Steve Jobs.

However, be very careful because all this complicated history starts with a mess. He won’t recognize his childhood friend and first love and will mistake himself for Nam Do-san, a failed start-up owner. But he will say nothing and He decides to play with her in the hope that she will be who he thinks she is and fall in love.

Like Han Ji-pyeong, a shrewd investor who is the secret true friend and love our hero seeks, he is soon caught in a lie. As you can see, it’s a love triangle of pure tension.

We leave it here.

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