An update to WhatsApp will bring features to the chat application, which is also owned by Telegram. With so-called communities, admin rights and emoji reactions, WhatsApp will soon be different for everyone.

In recent weeks, other new functionality has been introduced to beta testers of WhatsApp. For example, it is possible to do more with voice messages (also known as ‘sounds’). For example, to pause a recording of a voicemail and play the message itself before sending it.

The camera interface is also getting an overhaul, although Android users are better off taking pictures with the regular camera app for the best photo and video quality. It will also be possible to share larger files, up to two gigabytes.

Whats up

WhatsApp communities.

Communities and emoji reactions

The latest updates were officially announced in a blog post. Many organizations, teams, schools, and other large groups regularly use WhatsApp group conversations with many participants. This is where Communities need to bring more order; this can be used more for announcements rather than a busy group chat. In smaller discussion groups, you can continue messaging if you want, without exposing everyone in the community to countless messages, as in large application groups.

In the blog post, WhatsApp developers use the following real-world example: “For example, Communities can make it easy for a school principal to bring all parents together in one place to share critical updates and create groups about specific classes, extracurricular activities, or volunteer needs.”

The administrators of such a community also have more rights. For example, to delete messages for everyone.

Whats up

The new WhatsApp works at a glance.

Finally, it is possible for users (in regular and group conversations as well) to reply with an emoji. It will be added to this message. This way, you don’t have to reply with an emoji in a separate message. This is already possible, for example, in Slack or Telegram. This update will look particularly familiar to Telegram users, as both emoji reactions and communities have been included in the WhatsApp alternative for some time now.

Source: Computer Totaal

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