There are a huge number of docking stations for the iPhone, but most of them are similar to each other, so finding something unusual and at a low price is not an easy problem.

It’s good that there are AliExpress, which sells many inexpensive docking stations that will look great on the table.

For example, a docking station with built-in wireless charging for iPhone and AirPods. She also has MagSafe!

There is nothing superfluous in the design of the docking station, only the essentials. At the bottom is a charging pad for AirPods, as well as other headphones with wireless charging.

The pad also features a MagSafe foot for attaching an iPhone 12 and 13, which is very rare in budget docking stations. Smartphone mount rotates 360 degrees.

The docking station is powered by USB-C. Its maximum power is 30 W, but the iPhone with AirPods does not consume that much, so a power supply unit of 20 W or higher is suitable for the accessory to work.

When charging iPhone and AirPods, the power is calculated as follows: 15 W for a smartphone and 5 W for headphones.

The docking station is available in white and black. On AliExpress, it costs 1050 rubles.

Other great things from AliExpress:

▪️ Memory foam tips for AirPods Pro to keep your headphones from falling out

▪️ 15 products of the week from AliExpress. Fluorescent protection for iPhone

▪️ Card case for any smartphone that does not need to be removed for contactless payment

Source: Iphones RU

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