Also known as Air Fryer electric fryerIt has become popular in recent years for bringing practicality and economy to the kitchen. This is because the product will fry food without oil using only 360º hot air circulation for cooking.

To serve this audience and bring even more innovation to the product, Xiaomi recently launched the Smart Air Fryer with a number of advanced features.

We’ve put together a complete article below to help you learn more about the fryer and see if it’s worth the investment.

Xiaomi Smart Fryer: What are the main features?

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Multiple possibilities in one device! Make yogurt, dry fruit, bake, bake and thaw! Can the temperature be adjusted between 40? and 200? and 1500W heating power provides fast temperature rise and even heat distribution.

1,699.00 BRL

Just like other Air fryers, the main function of Xiaomi product fry food without oil. Besides contributing to health, the fryer also helps with savings and cleaning, as fried food often tends to contaminate the stove and still leaves the house smelling of grease.

Main differences Xiaomi Air Fryer compared to other similar products smart functions. With it, it is possible to make an appointment for the fryer to cook your food, manage it with the app and integrate it with the fryer even when you are not at home. Google Assistant to make voice commands

Your OLED display It is interactive and makes the appliance easy to use, as the user can set the temperature, time and even stop the cooking process with one touch.

According to Xiaomi, the storage 3.5 liters It allows you to cook for up to 3 people. For example, you can add 12 chicken wings, 2 large steaks and up to 8 mini pies. To make it even easier, it’s already in the fryer. 100 pre-programmed recipescan be viewed by the application or a virtual assistant.

In addition, a technology that facilitates the cleaning process and increases its durability has been applied to the material used in the construction of the cooking basket. All together 7 inner and outer layers of teflon.

Worth it?

Xiaomi Fryer

Xiaomi is a Chinese technology and electronics company. Known mainly for its mobile phones in Brazil, the brand is increasingly investing in smart products for the home and the daily lives of its consumers.

Your electric fryer has many positive aspects that can be beneficial to consumers’ daily lives. In addition to “frying” lean foods, helping the health and economy of the homeproduct, timing, crafting modes, and Google Assistant integration.

However, the product has an above average price. Therefore, before buying, it is interesting to analyze whether all the features will make a difference in your daily life and whether you will actually use them. It is also important to consider the capacity of the product, as it may not be interesting for large families.

Source: Tec Mundo

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